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[SEMINAR] Wettability and Adhesion of Real Surfaces

Join us for a two hour free seminar about wettability and adhesion, where we will go through the common ways of measuring these properties.

We will also address the theory behind them and emphasize strategies how to apply these measurements to real, non-ideal surfaces which may be heterogeneous in both surface chemistry and surface roughness. Wettability and adhesion are key parameters in numerous industries such as coatings, biotechnology and electronics.

The seminar will include lecture and a demonstration of how to account for the surface roughness and wettability determination for advanced research.

Please click here to see some images of correlating surface roughness to wettability in an automated measurement for a bare tooth.


  • September 14th 2017, 10 am, Long Island, NY, USA 
  • September 15th 2017, 10 am, Boston, USA
  • September 20th 2017, 10 am, Minneapolis, USA
  • September 21st 2017, 10 am, Chicago, USA
  • September 26th 2017, 11 am, Claremont, CA, USA
  • September 28th 2017, 10 am, Cupertino, CA, USA 
Click here for more information and registration

Please forward this information to anyone you think may benefit from attending.

Contact Scott Allan, Inside sales manager for more information.

We look forward to see you there!

Best regards,
The Biolin Scientific team

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